Sipping and Signing

photo by Brandy Deshotel Photography

Nothing better than meeting new friends, sipping wine, and signing books. A huge shout out to Cotton Creek Winery in Beaumont, TX for allowing me to set up and hang out in their venue. The owners, Traci & Artie, made me feel right at home. It was a wonderful day!

So what did my day consist of, you may wonder. Started out by setting up my display table of my books and promo material for Signing in the South. (If you love books, meeting authors, and having fun – you need to check out this event!) Once we (my and my BFF) were all set up, we chatted with a few women who came in wanting to do a wine tasting. After leaving my table, they ventured up to the bar where Traci explained the wines and set out to please their taste buds.

Sitting at the table, I told Brandy we needed to go intrude on their adventure because listening to their experiences was making me thirsty. So we did. Met three amazing women who were out doing what Brandy and I do often – enjoying a girls’ weekend! It was great meeting people who actually do and understand the same thing we do. I think we made some new friends for life! Looking forward to meeting up with them again.

While sipping and chatting about anything and everything, someone entered and stopped at my table. I made my way over and he introduced himself as Jazzie Redd. We chatted about books, radio, and various other topics. I am looking forward to collaborating with Jazzie and his daughter. You can find him here: RLE Entertainment.

photo by Brandy Deshotel Photography

To sum up, I sold some books, spread the word about Signing in the South – a unique author / reader event at the Isle of Capri Hotel Casino in Lake Charles, LA on June 9, 2018, and met some wonderful people. A good friend I met through Tacky Wine Tours also showed up. We caught up and made plans to see each other again!

Was the book signing day a success? In my opinion – YES!!! Selling books is awesome! BUT, meeting new friends and having fun is what made the day successful.

(If you are an author and would love to do your own book signing, but not sure how to take those steps, send me an email. I can help you out with that!)

Till next time – Enjoy your life!!

Photos courtesy of Brandy Deshotel Photography

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